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Merch Rewards - Get Anchored!


Our Get Anchored Program allows you to earn Loyalty Points for every dollar you spend at Merchant31, signing up for an online account, social media likes/shares, referring your friends/family to shop Merchant31, or just having a birthday! Over time, the accumulation of loyalty points become redeemable for exclusive discounts off of purchases on our website as well as in our stores in Centerville, Minster and Tipp City.

You start earning Loyalty Points simply by making a purchases in our stores or online - it's that easy!. Not only is this program is free to join (really, it's automatic), but you can pile up a lot of points towards rewards in a very short period of time! To ensure you are receiving all of your points, make sure you are always using the same name and email address whether in store or online. Just make sure the in-store staff gets your purchase assigned correctly by double checking your email address with them. Online, make sure that you are logged in to your account prior to making a purchase to get your purchase points.


  • Welcome Points! Get 200 quick and easy points just for signing up for an account on our website! You can do that right here: BOOM 200 Points!! Be sure to use the email address that you've been using in-store (if you have). BONUS: If you've also been making purchases in our stores since May 1, 2017, when you sign up with the email address that you provided in-store, you will also automatically receive all of the Purchase Points you've earned on prior in-store purchases as well. If you don't, please email us at for assistance.

  • Purchase Points are accumulated for every dollar you spend in stores and right here on
    $1 = 1 loyalty point.

  • Celebrate your Birthday with 200 Points!!
    Make sure you have entered your birthday in your Loyalty profile at least 1 month before your birthday! Just click on the Merch Rewards - Get Anchored button on the left, then click on Earn More Points and click on the Your Birthday icon and enter your birthday! You will get your 200 points as our gift to you! 

  • Like and Share us on your Social Media outlets for MORE POINTS!

  • REFER a FRIEND! By FAR the biggest advantage of our Loyalty Program is that YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS can benefit simultaneously!
    THEY save 10% off of their purchase and YOU receive 200 points when they complete the sale!
    Simply click:

    and Referral Link is displayed, along with four icons with which to share it with your friend(s).
    Ways to Refer a Friend for Points
  • One is the Copy Link icon (mint circle), which allows you to copy the link and insert it into any form or status you prefer.
  • The Facebook Share link (blue circle) creates a Facebook post for you to share with your Facebook friends.
  • The Twitter Share link (yellow circle) creates a Tweet for you to share on your Twitter account.
  • The Email Share link generates an email in your default email app for you to share with whomever you'd like. (If you do not use an app for email, you may use the Copy Link icon and create your own email!)
  • If ANY of the friends with whom you've shared the Referral Link click it and complete a purchase, THEY receive 10% off of their purchase and YOU receive 200 points! As you can imagine, you can amass a LOT of points this way!



  1. Spending Rewards on In-Store Purchases: DON'T click any of the REDEEM points buttons, just let your loyalty points accumulate in your account. When you are checking out in store, simply let the sales person know that you would like to apply your Loyalty Points to your order. You can dictate what reward you would like to apply.

  2. Spending Rewards Points Online: DO click on REDEEM POINTS button in the Merch Rewards - Get Anchored app:
    Click CONFIRM and you will be taken to a screen with a code that you can apply to your next ONLINE order, in the Gift Card/Discount Code field during checkout. The code will also be sent to your email. 
    THIS CODE IS ONLY VALID ONLINE NOT IN STORES. (Refer to the first bullet point to see how to redeem in stores).
    Rewards Link Issued
    By clicking the Copy Icon  next to the link, it will copy it to your clipboard and you can then paste it into the Gift Card/Discount Code field during checkout. This can be done by using the Right Click on your mouse, or the keyboard shortcut CTL + V.

Tah Dah! Now you know everything you need to to turn your purchases and interactions with Merchant31 into reward for YOU and YOUR FRIENDS! Enjoy!

(But if you do have any additional questions, problems or concerns, please email Karie at